We practice commercial law within its broadest sense because we always enjoyed playing with the arguments and determining upsizes and downsizes of a business set-up and alternative scenarios; we like negotiations particularly due to the tangible gains we manage to preserve or obtain for our clients; we like litigations because we like winning; we practice commercial law because businesses need business lawyers and not only lawyers and our clients always felt we bring added value to their business; that’s what we prepared and trained for and most of all, practiced so far.


First and foremost, we value integrity, trust, excellence and credibility. We are business lawyers but play by the rules and pride ourselves on our solutions work. We recognize that our clients are best served if courts are avoided but will spare no efforts in winning court litigations. Trust and credibility are fundamental grounds of all client attorney relationships. Experience: The range of legal services and transactions in which we were involved or that were handled by us is diverse and includes corporate and project finance, corporate and commercial, dispute resolutions and litigation, employment, resources and utilities, real estate and construction, assets recovery and restructuring.

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